501(c)(3) Marketing Managers

We get Results for our 501(c)(3) Clients

Our Formula For Helping You Succeed

Paid Ads Grant

Imagine how quickly you could grow your business if you had an extra $10,000 per month to spend on your paid advertising.
If you're a federally approved NPO, we can help you get $10,000 per month in FREE paid ads grants.

Paid Ads Managers

We specialize in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Linkedin Ads funnels that can help you capture HUNDREDS of targeted leads.
We'll set up your campaigns from scratch or audit and refine your existing campaigns.

Email Automation

Email automation is one of the highest ROI forms of marketing in existence.
We use the paid ads to build your email list. And then we set up an automated email nurturing sequence that turns leads into paying customers.

Watch a video demo

Meet our students and their marketing professor and watch us explain step by step how we can build marketing funnels that help you get more leads, clients and sales.