Paid Ads Marketing Funnels – 501c3s

What's the best way to grow your NPO?

Lead generation funnels paired with email automation

There are three simple, but powerful, steps to successful marketing.

First, you need to get your business seen by the right audience at the right time.  You do that with paid advertisements.

Then, you need to present a compelling offer that your audience is willing to give you their email address in exchange for.

Lastly, you use automated email sequences to build relationships between your audience and your brand.

If you do those three things well, your business will grow.

And that’s exactly what our team can do for you.

So much more than just Paid Ads Management

We Can Help you with the full customer jounry

Reach Your Audience With Paid Ads

We'll use Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin ads to drive targeted traffic to a conversion rate optimized landing page.

Build Your Email List With Lead Capture Forms

Your landing pages will present a special offer to visitors in exchange for their email address. When a visitor completes a form, they become a lead.

Convert Leads to Sales With Drip Emails

The form will be synced with the email automation software we set up for you and once a lead enters the funnel they will receive an automated email sequence.

Watch a video demo

Meet our students and their marketing professor and watch us explain step by step how we can build marketing funnels that help you get more leads, clients and sales.